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In this blog, I am proud to show you what I've done. But here, I am very proud to show you who I like !

I'm not an intelligent art critic who will tell you why these artits are the best artists in the world (even if I really think they are) ! This page is just a teaser to make you check them out.

12 intringuing box.jpg

Of course I begin with you "Big Jim" !

My first internet friend, met on inktober 2016 !

The same day, me in France, him in Sweden, we almost drew the same thing : a sort of Cthulhu !

He drew his with his amazing horrific style, while I made a cartoon Cthulhu at the funfair...

But you know what, two years later I am still fan of his art and I like this man more and more every day !


I don't know if I really need to write about Evlyn's art...

You just have to look at any drawing she makes to understand how it is incredibly perfect !

I told you I am not an art critic !

But even if I'm not a critic, I can tell for sure that every little thing she does is magic (as Police sang).

Each drawing is clear, evident, full of imagination and full of emotion.

Until now, I've only seen Evlyn's art on the net, and on one of my T-shirt, but I'm sure, one day, I will see some in an art gallery or in a museum.

Pour Guillaume.jpg

Per FOLMER is awesome !

The drawing I chose is maybe not the most representative of his talent but he did it just for me !

Because Per FOLMER is awesome and generous !

For me, from all the artists I follow on internet, he's the best at drawing a dynamic scene and at giving humanity to a character.

Each time I see one of his drawings, I think I'm looking at a comic book or watching a movie !

But he can also draw funny stupid things !

Because Per FOLMER is awesome and generous and funny !


Luka Rejec is pure !

He is incredibly pure !

He always has the good line, the right color, the exact composition to create something just perfect... I have to be honest, I'm a bit jealous !

I'm jealous but I'm lucky : one morning, last year, he was testing his phone and his ability to draw live on the net... and I was there !

I stole him one hour of masterclass : I will never forget that moment !

So, here is a little game for you : have a look on my Inktober 2017 gallery and try to guess when I saw Luka's masterclass !


Dirk is unique !

His art is completely weird but completely in phase with my soul !

Maybe I'm a bit weird...

Each time I see one of his drawings, my first reaction is "Wow, I don't know what it is but it's absolutly awesome !" and my second reaction is "I want more !!!"

So if you want more too, have a look at his instagram account !

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