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Sometimes I draw... Sometimes I write ttrpgs... in french !
But fortunatly, I have very good friends who help me to have english or japanese versions !

you can find them in pdf on my itch page, here :


You can also find this one in book

cowboy 2itchio.jpg

It's a narrative game to play the battle between a barbarian and some evil ninjas.

With some very light rules and a d6, you create epic stories like in pulp magazines or your favorite B movies.

And another one in audio files

nuit titre.jpg

NIGHT is a tabletop roleplaying game for 2 to 5 players, to be played in complete darkness.

 In a world where the light has disappeared, you embody the Guides who work for the survival of their community.

NIGHT was created and designed to offer each player a game experience in which the sense of sight is completely absent so blind and non-blind people can play in the same way and share the same experience. 

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