Sometimes I draw... Sometimes I write... Here are some rpgs I made... in french !


It's a narrative game to play the battle between a barbarian and some evil ninjas.

With some very light rules and a d6, you create epic stories like in pulp magazines or your favorite B movies.

cowboy 2itchio.jpg

Sonja and Conan contre les Ninjas hack to play stories as if Western met vintage Sci-Fi !

If you want to hack the game, please add one of these logos on your game

la belle rouge.jpg
la belle rouge NetB.jpg

is a game that is played from 2 to 8 players.

During the game, players will have fun celebrating a birthday like the Little People of the Shire would do.

Couv Milky.jpg

MILKY MONSTERS is a rpg inspired by Eric Nieudan's Macchiato Monsters and written to be played with kids.

In the book, you can find rules to create characters and to play in a Fantasy setting and some advices to play with kids.

It's a 10 pages book illustrated with coffee paintings by my son Valentin !

at last !

gros logo.jpg

Sandbucket is a rpg without MC.

You play 30 minutes to create an epic Sword and Sorcery story like Robert used to do !

You can download it by clicking on the picture or by visiting

By the way, I made Sandbucket with my dear friend Matthieu B.

Why don't you have look at his great blog


In february 2019, I led a workshop with 7 children and 2 adults.

The goal of this workshop was to create an original rpg in 5 hours !

We did this !


Le Marchand de Sable de l'Orphelinat is a short game that I Made for rpg writing contest based on the "careware manifesto" organised by the Trop Long; Pas Lu team !

It's about how your dreams and southing words can help you to accept bad moments of your day.

You can domwnload it for free

You can download for free or buy the complete "Traverser l'Hiver" book with this game, 6 other games and the interviews of the authors

la suspension des terres.jpg

This the game I made for Gamechef 2019.

It's a rpg you can play with or without MC about pilgrims in a broken world who try to find a sacred place to free themselves of guilt.

If you like short games, why don't you visit the awesome


It's a place where you can find over 50

less-than-ten-pages-rpgs, including some of mine !


It's an one page game to print on a T-shirt to play everywhere !

carte postale.jpg

"Post Card" is a one page rpg where one player and several MCs play the holidays of one child.

Le coquillage.jpg

"One day, my father gave me a shell" is a two pages rpg for 3 players about how to pass on a memory.

Fais pas le con bob.jpg

"Don't do it, Bob !" is a one-page rpg about how good memories can help you face your life.

bocal 1.jpg

A true story and a mini rpg to play during the apéritif !